Harmonix Recording & Production Studio Bucharest
» Compositions, orchestrations and complete audio / musical productions

- the studio offers all kinds of audio production in almost any music style: pop, dance, house, electro, clubbing, r&b, latino, punk, rock etc. (including lyrics in English); symphonic / instrumental / ambient music; complete soundtracks for movies or games

» Recording instruments and voices

- the recording room has an optimized acoustic treatment following very precise measurements and meets the highest standards, offering warm, round and well defined sound in the final mix.

» Mixing in stereo and surround, mastering at professional quality standards

- great attention to details is taken on each mixing and mastering process so that the final product meets the professional standards in terms of level, warmth, punch, clarity and transparency.

» Vinyl transfer to audio CD / DVD

- digital transfer via USB port, using a high-fidelity professional pick-up with no loss of signal quality
- after the transfer, those vinyl-specific parasitic "noises" are eliminated and each track is remasterized in order for the old records to be brought up to current standards.

» Complete production of TV and Radio commercials, IVR, VO, doubling voices for movies, TV series and cartoons

- for creating radio and TV commercials, dubbing or IVRs, VOs, the studio offers a broad range of male and female voices to choose from (some of them in many languages: Romanian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese etc.).

» Creation of sounds and music for Corporate Identity

- the studio can produce any kind of professional sound and music to create an audio identity, catchy and recognizable.

» Consultancy for artists and management agencies

- Harm
onix Studio can offer consultancy regarding the most appropriate music style that should be addressed by each artist, according to their own preferences, skills, personality and market trends.