Harmonix Recording & Production Studio Bucharest
» Brief description

Harmonix Recording & Production Studio from Bucharest is a professional recording studio where numerous recordings and full songs have been produced during the years. It is a place where the combination between top of the line gear, more than 15 years of experience and passion for sound and music reaches peaks found nowhere else in other studios from Romania. Some of the songs produced here have been played on TV and radio stations across country.

» Top reasons for choosing Harmonix Studio

- state of the art recording room, with the best acoustics and gear for vocal recording in Romania
- a sound quality that rivals with the most advanced recording studios in the world
- 100% innovation and originality guaranteed of all audio / musical productions

» The Harmonix brand and logo

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» General recommendations for artists

- in order to obtain the best possible results when you attend a recording session, please take the time to read the following general recommendations.